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Unlocking the Power of Talent Metrics: Strategies for Optimal Dashboarding & Benchmarking

What: A virtual workshop, senior level only. No fee to register your interest and attend the meeting. Please be aware this is part of a subscription solution.

When & where: Thursday June 29th, 2023 | 11.00 – 12.30 EDT, Digital


TA heads agree that measuring performance is important to gain a better understanding of how their employee recruitment process is performing. Visibility into how our day-to-day work impacts the organization can be a catalyst for growth. But often, these key metrics are difficult to define and time-consuming to source. It can be a challenge to find a single reporting solution that addresses everyone’s needs.

We will be discussing how TA leaders can get more value from their current data, find out how and what to measure, and understand where their organization is compared to the rest of the industry.

Join us to discuss the different types of dashboards and think strategically about the best practices for benchmarking and measuring progress within your organization.

We appreciate there may be sensitivity around the sharing of actual numbers, particularly in the context of diversity metrics. Instead, we will focus on what the key metrics are, how to measure them, and the models used for presenting data, without necessarily disclosing actual results

Why:The event is driven by interaction between participants and promotes candid exchange of information between companies. Only senior-level execs are invited. You will make high-quality new connections and learn from peers about best practice.

Audience: TA leaders from across the Life Sciences Industry.

Format: A virtual discussion with break out discussions and a main plenary session.

We have a limited number of trial places available at this meeting, so if you would value the opportunity to see how a LEAP TA: Searchlight subscription can help you, apply to join this meeting.

An Opportunity to Engage with TA Leaders from the likes of: