A Brand New Network
for Life Sciences Talent
Acquisition Success

Welcome to the LEAP TA: Searchlight network

Built by Life Sciences TA community for the Life Sciences TA community

LEAP TA: Searchlight is an exclusive and collaborative community of disruptive TA leaders engaged in a year-round pursuit of accelerating the recruitment of better talent within life sciences.

Intimate enough to build trust but broad enough to hear a diverse range of ideas and solutions, this is a life sciences TA network like no other.

Membership allows you to identify the ideas, vendors, resources, and people who can help transform TA effectiveness in your organization, delivering actionable ‘aha!’ moments that can immediately translate into value.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of these critical conversations 

"Sourcing, attracting, and retaining the best talent from a hyper-competitive life sciences market"

"Redefining your employee value proposition to hire better people faster"

"Addressing new requirements for pay transparency legislation and increased career development expectations"

Join your peers today and be part of a global community of like-minded individuals 

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Membership brochure

For more information on what’s included as part of the LEAP TA: Searchlight membership, please download the membership brochure. 

Here’s what you’ll learn more about: 

  • The unique mission and purpose of the network 
  • What membership includes 
  • How the quarterly cornerstone meetings work 
  • How bespoke value delivery works 
  • How we deliver demonstrable value to you 
  • Annual member investment 

The feedback from members speaks for itself…

Beth Goldberg, Head of Talent Acquisition, Mersana Therapeutics

“We are all beyond busy and finding time to reflect, energise and inspire ourselves is difficult, so making it a regular appointment as this does is exactly what we need. I love the quality of conversation that’s possible with such a thoughtfully curated, well moderated, and diversely oriented group of life sciences TA peers, and it’s of immense value to us as a community.”

Everette Brown, Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Strategy, PTC Therapeutics

“I feel like I’m well networked and I get value out of the informal groups I’m already part of but these are unprecedented times and many of us have to have multiple scalable strategic approaches! This network of global TA leaders can provide potential additional insights that may lead to “aha!” moments that can immediately translate into value, these meetings can help us discover what we’re not yet doing or a better approach. That to me is time well spent!”

Gina Thomas, Head of Talent Acquisition, Regeneron

“The difference between this network and others is that people turn up to this network with ideas rather than coming just to take from the group. And this makes it much more valuable and community based than other networks. It feels like everyone’s a shared stakeholder in the group’s success and that’s both unique and valuable.”

For more reviews about LEAP TA: Searchlight membership, head to our testimonials page and hear directly from our members about why they've joined. 

Who qualifies for the LEAP TA: Searchlight Network?


Life Sciences TA Heads

Members must be the most senior Head of
TA/Recruitment in their company to join

Non-Traditional Thinkers

Those most open to new ideas will gain
most value from being involved

Committed To the Cause

We welcome those equally engaged in
helping the group move forward