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Our purpose

Our mission is to help Searchlight members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with the most engaged stakeholders in key scientific communities. 



Searchlight gives life science leaders clarify to see where opportunity lies. Helping companies to move forward faster is at the heart of the network. 

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We are the custodians of the LEAP TA: Searchlight communities on behalf of our members; engaged in the constant pursuit of added value. 

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The quality of information is the difference between success and failure. Searchlight is the destination to find the latest information, trends and solutions impacting the Life Sciences Talent Acquisition industry. 

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Building strong relationships creates an environment of trust and support that yields opportunity, progress, partnership and meaning. 

The feedback from members speaks for itself…

Beth Goldberg, Head of Talent Acquisition, Mersana Therapeutics

“We are all beyond busy and finding time to reflect, energise and inspire ourselves is difficult, so making it a regular appointment as this does is exactly what we need. I love the quality of conversation that’s possible with such a thoughtfully curated, well moderated, and diversely oriented group of life sciences TA peers, and it’s of immense value to us as a community.”

Everette Brown, Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Strategy, PTC Therapeutics

“I feel like I’m well networked and I get value out of the informal groups I’m already part of but these are unprecedented times and many of us have to have multiple scalable strategic approaches! This network of global TA leaders can provide potential additional insights that may lead to “aha!” moments that can immediately translate into value, these meetings can help us discover what we’re not yet doing or a better approach. That to me is time well spent!”

Gina Thomas, Head of Talent Acquisition, Regeneron

“The difference between this network and others is that people turn up to this network with ideas rather than coming just to take from the group. And this makes it much more valuable and community based than other networks. It feels like everyone’s a shared stakeholder in the group’s success and that’s both unique and valuable.”

For more reviews about LEAP TA: Searchlight membership, head to our testimonials page and hear directly from our members about why they've joined. 

Meet our team

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Gareth Pearce

Managing Director

Gareth established and is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the Searchlight business within Hanson Wade, ensuring continues to add demonstrable value to every member as it scales. Gareth has successfully built and grown information businesses in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East during a 20 year entrepreneurial career. He holds a first class degree in Politics and earned a postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice from the Mountbatten Institute in New York.

Karo headshot

Karolina Hasiec

Community Development Manager

Karolina is dedicated to delivering year-round insights and connections to Searchlight members. She is excited to identify and apply the recent learnings to reimagine the institutions, policies, and tools we use across the Life Sciences to address global health needs for all. Prior to joining the Searchlight Networks team, Karolina completed an MSc in Applied Neuroscience and followed this up with a Neuroimaging course. In her free time, she trains boxing and enjoys playing volleyball.


Grace Coogans

Network Development Lead

Following the completion of her degree in Nutritional Science at Newcastle University, Grace's career at Hanson Wade originally began in Delegate Sales. Grace have now moved over to Searchlight where she is responsible for establishing new members to join a range of our Expert Networks. Grace is keen to help current and future members drive progress within their work and connect with the leading minds within their industry’s and to ultimately get the most value possible from Searchlight Networks.

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