What is LEAP TA: Searchlight?

An invite-only industry-specific expert network created to share strategic ideas and unite non-traditional thinkers year-round, creating a time-saving channel for overcoming shared industry challenges and helping each member get the talent they need.

“I feel like I’m well networked and I get value out of the informal groups I’m already part of but these are unprecedented times and many of us have to have multiple scalable strategic approaches! This network of global TA leaders can provide potential additional insights that may lead to “aha!” moments that
can immediately translate into value, these meetings can help us discover what we’re not yet doing or a better approach. That to me is time well spent!”

everette brown

Everette Brown, Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Strategy, PTC Therapeutics

What It Does

Membership allows you to identify the ideas, vendors, resources and people who can help you transform TA effectiveness, delivering actionable ‘aha!’ moments that can immediately translate into value 

It encourages you to develop a trusted network of thought partners you can engage with during structured conversations as well as in- between meetings for more immediate new ideas and inspiration 

And as the network develops, this provides you with global perspectives, personal, and also professional development over time to ensure that it’s an investment in you as much as your business.  

Key Benefits

Save time and money: Access immediately-actionable new ideas to increase the effectiveness of your TA engine  

Avoid costly roadblocks: Learn from the most common mistakes your peers have made and take away optimal solutions  

Make smarter decisions: Use evidence and data from this network not available elsewhere to inform your own TA strategy  

Deliver a clear ROI: Members will be encouraged to capture the ROI achieved from each meeting to measure ongoing value  

Share the value: Deliver resources, ideas and information to your wider TA team from the meetings and shared resource hub 

What Membership Includes

Vital dialogue: Facilitated bi-monthly virtual meetings helping TA leaders to solve business -critical problems  

Essential resources: Pre/post- meeting resources, member-generated content, conference highlights, all in one place  

Annual event: Get priority access to guest passes reserved for contributors to the annual LEAP TA: Life Sciences in- person event   

Regular inspiration: Thought leadership & development from outside the network to help challenge traditional thinking   

Key metrics: Access key metrics that aren’t publicly available to benchmark your performance alongside your peers  

How It Works

Virtual meetings take place every 2 months for 60 mins each and founder partners influence what gets discussed  

Members are given the subject of each meeting in advance and asked to do 20 mins prep to allow them to get most value  

The bulk of meeting time is spent in breakout groups containing like-sized companies for maximum relevance  

Members ask questions of each other ahead of meetings as a way of gaining further value from participation in the network  

After each meeting, key takeaways are shared with participants within 24 hours to ensure immediate actionable value from each meeting  

The network will increase in size each year to ensure it remains varied and to increase the ongoing value of remaining plugged in  

Shared Challenges:

  • Among the shared challenges we’ll be working to tackle together:  
  • High-impact new ways to maximize TA effectiveness  
  • Scaling TA in life sciences organizations of all sizes  
  • Further rethinking the candidate experience  
  • New, creative TA budget management strategies 
  • New hybrid workforce compensation strategies 
  • Leveraging data to drive TA effectiveness  
  • Innovative ways to drive DE&I impact in TA  
  • Digital TA transformation approaches in life sciences  
  • Cutting edge approaches to next generation TA  

Among many others...